Queen's Grad Photos by Taylor Studios


We've compiled a list of our recommendations and things you should think about before the day of your shoot.


Please wear a white collared shirt or a black tank top as the neck of the gown is actually quite low cut. If you do not own one we have them available at the studio so come early to prepare.

Book your hair appointment for several hours before your shoot, or if possible, the day before so not to run out of time and be late for your shoot. We have styling products available for use at the studio if necessary.


Please wear a dress shirt and tie; keep in mind your degree colours. We have white shirts and black ties available if you should require one. Suit jackets are unnecessary unless you are having a Standard sitting and would like to pose for a few shots without your graduation robe.






1. Will my photo be included in the Tricolour Yearbook?
Taylor Studios graduate portraits will not be included in the Tricolour yearbook. We provide Class Composite photos with certain programs, on a program-by-program basis.

2. When should I arrive for my appointment?
Please be at the studio at least 10 minutes before your appointment so you have time to prepare.

3. What should I do when I arrive?
Check in at the reception desk so that you can pay for your sitting. We will then supply you with further information regarding viewing and purchasing your portraits online. We have a washroom and closet if you wish to hang up your coat. We also request that you remove any wet footwear before entering the studio so we can keep our spaces clean.

4. Can my friends pose with me at the end of my shoot?
The  Basic Sitting only allows enough time for one graduate. The Standard Sitting allows time for one (1) friend for a few poses.  We do offer House Sittings for  $29.95 for multiple friends (up to 8). 

5. I'm not going to be able to make my sitting - how do I cancel/rebook my appointment?
Please call us to let us know in advance if at all possible, so that another graduate will be able to take your space. Unfortunately we are booking two weeks in advance as spaces are limited during "Grad Season" December to March.

6. I'm having trouble viewing my photos!
Access your photos by clicking Review Portraits, you will be redirected to a new website. Click Online Proofs, which will then ask you to type your last name into the search criteria box. Locate your name/degree from the list and input the password you were provided with at the time of your sitting. You should then be able to view all your portraits.

7. I don't know how to order my prints, what do I do?
There are 2 ways to order. Select the pose you like and put it into the Shopping Cart. Enter the quantity of packages or prints and designate the pose(s). The other process for ordering is to put poses into a Favourites list. You will be asked to enter an email and password to save this list. Add the photos you like to the Favourites and from there, place into the shopping cart to order - don't forget to enter a quantity next to the package or prints you would like.

8. I want my photos to be protected, tell me about your laminates.
Please see the bottom of the Packages & Pricing page for samples of the three available laminates. All our portraits are produced on a premium lustre archival paper.  If you are placing your finished prints under glass, no further protection should be necessary. A laminate or protective film can be applied to the surface of your portrait. We have 3 texture choices, Pearl is similar to the original finish of the portrait but adds a bit of additional texture (much like sand), Brush adds the texture of fine brush strokes to the finished portrait and Canvas adds fine horizontal and vertical lines to the portrait, similar to actual canvas.

9. I want my photos framed!
Framed portraits have a laminate applied to the surface of the print ELIMINATING THE NEED FOR CONVENTIONAL GLASS. Frames are NOT SUPPLIED or shipped WITH GLASS. We presently offer a Walnut frame with a linen liner. Click here to see a sample! If you wish to order frames with the Queen's University logo we do not presently offer these at our studio. You can order them by clicking here.