Does self-confidence depend on how sexually active is someone?

There is something interesting that you should know. When men cannot have sex with their desired mate, they get angry. This reaction to being deprived of a sexual encounter for release is because we are at the top level of the animal kingdom.


That roar

There is this thing about how a man roars. He will do so when he wants someone and will do the same when he orgasms. That roar is like that of a lion, making him the king of the jungle. In this instance, it builds self-confidence.

Not all roar

Not at all times can sex build up self-confidence. There are failed encounters while sex dating. These fails might be brought about by erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and lack of lubrication. When one has an unsatisfying sex mate, it may lead to frustration.

Other fails

There are certain situations that people do not find pleasure in having sex. There are those women who are not wet and get physical pain from being entered. Some people feel like they are obliged to have sex with their regular partner. During these instances and other similar once, sex does not make one feel more self-confident.

A sex slave

Sex is a physical activity that brings about the inclusion that we need as human beings. When we feel good about being part of something, we build our self-confidence. However, sex can be a one-way experience, too. There is the dominant partner that takes all the pleasure while one acts as a sex slave to do all the work.


Self-confidence is built based on numerous factors. To be sexually active may be a factor, but many people are sure of themselves that do not have sex often. For those who are devoted to their career and other pursuits, sex might take a backseat. Some men who suffer from erectile dysfunction lose their self-confidence when they approach women. They make a play but do not continue the pursuit because of the fear of failing in the bedroom. Menopausal women that suffer from dryness might also lack self-confidence and believe that they are no longer attractive because of their age.

Law of attraction

However, sexually active people are said to be able to hone in the law of attraction. Since they have sex regularly, they get to make more money. There is no logic to this belief though there are many that say that it is true.

Lack nothing

When we believe that we are lacking, we lose our self-confidence. To make up for the lack, we strive to become better, yet some give up or refuse to deal with the challenge. If there is a need to make your sex life better, you can face the challenge head-on. There is no need to be dismayed nor think of limitations. If you desire to become more sexually active, one of the solutions is to use apps for adult dating so that you can get laid with no strings attached.